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Kenya conservation of aquatic resources is a community based organization based in Kenya Mombasa and Kilifi which was started in May 2015 with an overall goal to have healthy ocean, healthy turtles and healthy communities through research, education and monitoring.

Our programs include:-

  • Sea turtles nest monitoring and data collection
  • Marine litter waste management
  • Education and public awareness

Kenya conservation of aquatic resources

Empower local communities to value and conserve natural resources.

To conserve biodiversity, ecosystem services, and local cultural identities through participatory solutions that protect and promotes the wise use of natural resources, supports socioeconomic development of communities, and enables adaptation to climate change.

How you can support

You can help or support through:-


Donations go directly towards KCAR beach patrol, monitoring of sites and public awareness activities

Adopt a Turtle

Make a difference by becoming an adoptive environmental parent of newly hatched turtle on our Kenyan beaches.

Buy turtles t-shirt

Buy a KCAR T-shirt which makes a great gift of support for we have a variety of sizes, styles and colors to choose from.

Buy a turtle carving

We have wood carving of turtles created on all its distinctive features, such as the shell and its body parts.

Become a sponsor

Sponsorship programs provides a perfect opportunity for both local and international stakeholder involvement.

Wish List

As a community based organization, operating in the Kenyan coast, we are adapted to making do with what we have.


Below are some of the organizations and groups that we have partnered with to help improve our organization:-